Selling Popcorn is not just about raising money.

Come join the fun of selling popcorn this year! The life lessons learned with selling popcorn vary from counting money to public speaking to salesmanship. Selling popcorn is a vital part of the council’s annual budget and helps lower the cost of Scouting. So what are you waiting for?

Important Dates:

9/11 – Popcorn Sales Begin
9/20 – Popcorn Show-n-Sell Delivery

Popcorn Sales Tips from Experienced Scouts

Learn How to Respond to a “No.”

Try to find a way for a potential customer to say yes. If they say they don’t have cash, let them know that they can pay by credit card. If they say they don’t like popcorn, remind them that they can make a donation to send popcorn to the military. But if they say no, just say ‘thanks anyway’ and ask the next person.

Keep Going.

One more house, one more family, one more person, one more street. Just keep going. Keep careful notes on what you sell and where. If you keep good notes, you can reuse them year after year, noting which families always purchase and visit them again, which areas yielded the best return and which ones had poor results.

Don’t Be Discouraged.

It is such a great (but difficult) learning experience for a Scout when a customer says no. You just can’t take it personally. When the boy engages with the customer after an initial ‘no,’ he learns about building a relationship. Like most of life, sales is all about relationships.

Build Relationships.

Take time to get to know your customer. The time spent making a personal connection can be rewarding not only in renewed sales, but also because it makes selling more fun and meaningful. You are an ambassador of the Scouting movement. Don’t just sell popcorn. Show your customers what Scouting has done to help you grow.